Thursday, September 4, 2014

Point Betsie Lighthouse

There is just something about lighthouses. They feel risky, on the very edge of the tumultuous water. And at the same time, they feel like a huge safe haven. All tall and strong. Sending light out. Michigan has a lot of lighthouses. And I have not begun to see all of them with their stories of safety. But, we did have the chance to explore the lovely Point Betsie Lighthouse a couple weeks ago with our family. It feels tucked in. Almost in it's own private little world. The area surrounding it is simply beautiful. The stretching Lake Michigan views. Wildflowers growing wherever they can. And drifting white sand getting everywhere. Note to the adventurer: bring an extra pair of shoes.

We loved Eden's reaction to the rolling Lake Michigan. She dug her little toes into the sand and took it in. The water is still extremely cold. Even at the official end of summer. So, our toes are pretty much the only thing that touched the water's edge as well.
Maybe, next summer, when adventures continue, we will all get brave and take a dip.

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