Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Eden's Birth Story Pt. 2

We left the doctor's office that day in a slight state of shock. I was ordered to be on complete bed rest.
 I wasn't admitted to the hospital at that time because I didn't have any of the danger symptoms of preeclampsia. I prayed for peace. I prayed for strength. Even if I didn't feel ready or prepared I knew God could work over those things. He could work in spite of my fluctuating emotions. 

I quickly contacted my parents via a message through Facebook because they had internet access while on their cruise. They were not due to be back on land until that Sunday. I had no idea if they would be able to make it home for the birth of their first grandchild. And that was hard to swallow. 

 I kept on checking my phone all day hoping my parent's would get my message soon. I eventually received a call from them. The cruise boat personnel were so helpful and allowed them to use their phone and aided them in getting off the boat.
My mom told me later that they were off the boat exploring when I messaged them but she felt a burden to keep praying for me all day. As soon as they got back on the ship they checked to see if they had any messages.They literally only had an hour to pack up their stuff and get off the boat onto the island they were docked at to be able to fly back to the states. If my appointment had not been scheduled for the early morning or they had taken more time on the island....they would have never made it back.
My parent's were back home in a matter of 24 hours. 

I spent the next few days completely in bed. Only getting up for short amounts of time. 
On Wednesday night I started to experience this odd sensation in my shoulder up into my chest and neck. Like an aching that was extremely uncomfortable and hard for me to explain. I tried to shower that evening and felt extremely faint and weak. I was so miserable that late in the evening I had Erick call an on call doctor. I hate being over dramatic about things...and I didn't want to go to the hospital if it was unnecessary. But, if this doctor recommended that I admit myself then I was ready. I was in that much pain. The doctor asked if I had some of the key symptoms of preeclampsia like blurred vision or a headache. And I didn't. So, he said I should be fine to stay home. 
I look back on that now and firmly believe I should have just trusted my instincts and went. 

Thursday and Friday passed and every night I would start to experience those exact same symptoms. I was taking one Tylenol at night when they started so I could even sleep. 
By the time Saturday morning came along I was extremely uncomfortable. The aching in my shoulder and neck was pretty strong. I remember trying to get things around for the hospital and I was just in a lot of discomfort. I moved very slowly. I eventually laid down in bed and just prayed for peace. And relief.

My parents arrived at our home a little early. My c-section wasn't scheduled until 5:00 pm that evening. Which added to my torture. Irony, I tell you. 

When it was finally time to leave I can honestly say I was in the height of discomfort.
All the way to the hospital (a 35 minute drive) I was pretty much silent. When I am fearful and/or uncomfortable I tend to say less. I just prayed. And prayed. And meditated on God's Word. This all felt so familiar and odd because of my surgery in December.

We arrived at the hospital and I thought the process of checking in went quite fast. I was taken back to a room (by myself) and had to go through the whole prep process. You know, putting on the gown. Bagging up my clothes. When the nurse hooked me up to the monitoring system they used for the Non Stress Tests she looked at me quite puzzled.
She was like, " do know you are having contractions right now, don't you?"
"Pretty strong ones"
Welp. That explains my growing discomfort. But, with the aching in my shoulder and down my chest, I really was not that aware of them.

Everything after that seemed to speed up. Mind you, at the time, it couldn't have been fast enough.
Erick got to come back and my mom as well. The rest of the family was having a grand old time in the waiting room of course. My doctor ordered blood work immediately to see what was going on.
 My doctor, Erick, and my mom prayed over me.
(I would later find out that I was in the HELLP stage of preeclampsia at this point. And the pain I was experiencing in my shoulder and chest was my liver. I was on Magnesium for about 48 hours after Eden arrived because the preeclampsia actually got worse after she was born. Magnesium is used to prevent a seizure. I had elevated liver enzymes and a low platelet count.)

I walked down the hallway into the delivery room. You know, this is the part where your husband has to wait outside again. And I got to sit on a table and hug a pillow and get a needle placed in my back. I remember laying down and waiting for the epidural to start taking effect. They put that nice long curtain up in front of your face and begin to prep everything. I was then pinched multiple times on my stomach just to make sure I couldn't feel pain just pressure. Check.

Erick came back in and by that point I was shaking and starting to cry. Nerves. I tell you what. Erick held my hand as I tried to ignore what was going on. It's a weird feeling knowing you are being cut open....but not feeling or seeing it. I asked Erick to pray. Over me. Over our baby.
I laid there grasping his hand as he began to pray.

So quickly they announced they were getting ready to pull Eden girl out. Erick stood up so he could see and I could hear her let out her first little cry.
 I instantly started bawling.
 She was here!
Erick went over to cut the cord and get pictures of her arrival.
Around this time I was puking from the nausea related to the epidural. Just keeping it real.

They brought Eden over to me so I could see her. It was so quick. But, I could hear her breathing next to my face and I couldn't stop crying tears of joy. The emotion when you first see your baby. I can not explain it.
I heard the head nurse in the team specifically taking care of Eden say it was time to go.
She was being whisked away to the NICU. My baby girl.

Erick went out soon after that. They were finishing stitching me up. I distinctly remember laying there. All the emotions. But so much joy. After this long road.
Coldplay's "Magic" came over the radio at that point in the delivery room. 
And it seemed quite fitting.

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