Sunday, July 20, 2014

an ode to the michigan summer

I was just telling erick the other night that I feel like this summer is different. Mind you, having a baby is probably the most different thing about this summer. And the best thing. I love watching my Eden girl experience michigan summers even now at just 3 1/2 months old.
I am sure that will be one of my favorite things to continue to watch her experience as she grows.

I am not sure how other people do summer in other states. I'm not sure if there is as much fan-fair when summer arrives in warmer climates.
But, in Michigan, we take summer seriously.
We do spend a lot of our time experiencing snow and rain (in the spring) and cold and more snow.
When those summer days appear out of no where (and michigan summers do appear out of no where) it's like a much awaited party.

And there are fond memories all tucked into those warmer and sunnier days.

summer in the mitten is:
longer days that roll into longer nights.
the faint smell of campfire smoke in the air. it wafts through the countryside and hangs low. and welcomes you in.

it's long evening drives that start out with a plan and end up lacking a plan.
a cd filled with meticulously composed songs. like clockwork every season. courtesy of your brother.
it's thoughtful and thoughtless discussions on a deck that is weathered and cracking in all the right places.

summer in the mitten is:
walking down driveways on dusty dirt roads trying to see all the constellations. all the bright lights of the deep and dark (sometimes midnight blue) sky.
it's trips to Lake Michigan. however we can get there. for however long.

summer in the mitten is:
exploring and hiking and getting lost because some of the greatest places in this state don't show up on a gps.
it's mint chocolate chip ice cream and fountain pops in foam cups.
s'mores in the middle of a driveway in the middle of a city.
it's bombing around in a car called "mable" listening to music so loud you can't hear. windows rolled down because the AC is out. and has been for quite sometime. but your brother is with you, so it is the best of times.

summer in the mitten is:
running around with a dog all fluffy and golden chasing a soccer ball through grass.
birds greeting you in sun splitting mornings and saying goodbye to you in the hazy evenings.
it's biking farther than you knew you could and longer than you know you should.
it's taking on downtowns in quaint towns that become busier in a few months than they are all year.
sand dunes. upon sand dunes. upon some more sand dunes. and in a moment of glory, believing that you can really climb them all.

summer in the mitten is home.
for a short time.
and a moment.

some of the mitten places pictured:

Mt. Pisgah Dune Boardwalk

Empire (Sleeping Bear Dunes Lakeshore)

Grass River Natural Area

Holland, Michigan

Sleeping Bear Dunes

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