Tuesday, January 7, 2014

For the love of rugs

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I have a bad case of rug love. I see a wooly pattern from afar and my heart starts beating a little faster. Maybe you know what I mean? 
Rugs bring so much coziness to a space. They instantly make an area feel more like a home. Well lived in. Not to mention, how enjoyable they feel under foot.

The husband and I have had the same living room rug since we got married (7 years and 4 months ago). 
It resembles rug no.3 in style, color, and texture. 
And I have loved that rug. 
It has worn so well. She has faded over time. And she has certainly seen her share of adventures. 
Moving across the country and back. A daily morning attack from kitty's claws. Lots of foot traffic. 
But, the piece is still classic to me. 
And has some sentimentality wrapped up in it's woven fibers.

Above, are some rugs that I think would make any space feel just a little more cozy. A little more like home.
And since I've been wanting an updated rug for our living space, I thought I would share my favorites (after much research).
The old rug will stay in the family. Relocating to a fresh space in our home. 
Hopefully safer from kitty's claws.
 But, still able to welcome us to slide off our shoes when we arrive home.

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