Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Calling all the mommas

 This little girl is going to be my very first run with motherhood.
 I have already acknowledged and admitted to myself that I have a lot to learn.
And to some degree, experience is going to be my teacher.
My little girl is going to be teaching me at the same time I am trying to raise and pour into her little life.
And I know I am going to mess up. Make mistakes. Have to try again, by the grace of God.
Never stop walking in that grace.

With that said, there is just a lot of information to take in when you are welcoming a little one into this world for the first time.
And while I fully recognize that every child is different. And parenting preferences are different.
I sure do love hearing other people's stories and opinions.
And I have a lot of questions. Some of them silly. Some of them maybe not so much.
 I thought it would be a shame to waste the wisdom of all the mommas out there I know by not writing this post.

I know that so many of you are the strong mothers that I look up to.
You are doing it. Raising a little life (or more than one!).
And rather than me trying to decide what books to read or not to read first, I just want to hear from humble experience.
That's y'all.

So, would you consider this a humble q+a of sorts?
The type where we sit down for a cup of coffee. Or a cup of tea. Whatever you prefer.
 And I ask silly questions that don't feel so silly to me right now.
I would just love to hear your perspective. All you mommas.  
What has worked? What hasn't worked?

Feel free to comment on one question or two. Or all of them.
And add in whatever trinkets of wisdom that experience (or some other lovely momma) has taught you along the way.

1.) What are the items you would consider absolutely necessary to register for (specific brands and items are much appreciated). Items that you really appreciate and love for your baby. I'm talking diapers to strollers here.
 I am in the midst of this process right now....and it's a little overwhelming.

2.) What is your experience/opinion on feeding schedules? Did you establish a set schedule for your baby or just feed them when they want to be fed?

3.) How do you feel about immunizations? Are there certain ones that you decided not to get?
(I know this might be a little more of a controversial topic....but I've read a lot of articles about the growing concern with certain immunizations for babies).

4.) What would you consider to be some of the necessities that should be taken to the hospital on delivery day? Lay it out for me people.

5.) This is a purely selfish question. But, I need jeans. That fit. Any stores that you would recommend to buy maternity jeans?
I'm barely 5'2 and, if you have some insight on that as well, I already love you.

6.) What's one nugget of wisdom (that can apply to anything within motherhood) that you wish you had known beforehand?

And if you have anything else you are itching to share, now is the time.
I greatly appreciate all you mommas that have been such an inspiration to watch.
And I really appreciate the fact that you took the time to respond to some of these questions.
I will take them all to heart.


  1. Hi there. I'm a new mama of an eight-month-old. I wrote two blog posts that might help you out:

    What to pack for the hospital:

    Favorite baby things:

    I LOVED the way Gap maternity jeans fit me.

    We had my son on a feeding schedule pretty early on and he has been sleeping so well since 10 weeks. It also helped me a lot in the early days because I knew when he would be hungry/tired so I could have a life outside of the house as well! :) Now, he is on such a great routine that it makes for easy days and nights.

    If you have more specific questions, feel free to email me!

    1. Hi Jordy! Thank you so much for your input! I will be checking out your blog posts for sure!
      And I haven't looked at the Gap yet, so I will be sure to put that on my list of places to try out some jeans!
      Thank you again for sharing, I greatly appreciate it! :)

  2. basic equipment is a bassinet or crib,car seat appropriate for newborn, reclining seat for young baby,highchair as gets older,stroller,
    onsies,one piece outfits with snaps(easier to remove and to change),diapers,burp cloths,receiving blankets, sleeper sack now rec. for safe sleeping R/T blanket,no pillow rec. for baby,crib sheets,don't buy too many newborn to 3 mon. sizes cas babies grow so quickly
    most peds now rec. babies be fed on demand whether breast or bottle feeding,approx every 3-4 hrs
    immunizations are rec. by the American Acadamy of Pediatrics. Childhook illnesses are on the uprise D/T children not receiving appropriate vaccines. The risk of these serious illnesses are much higher than any risk from the vaccines. Your ped will guide you re: this matter.
    Most Moms are able to be discharged in 24-48 hrs after a vag del. Take an outfit to wear home for yourself that is comfortable and loose fitting since your prepregnant shape won't be quite there for awhile.take nightgowns and a robe,as well as slippers.Most women will wear a bra for support and a nursing bra if you are planning to nurse your baby.You'll want personal toiletries for yourself.Take a coat for yourself to wear home.Pack a bag for your baby with several outfits,t-shirt or onesies,sweater/hat,receiving blanket and a warmer blanket,or a "snowsuit" with legs in it makes if easier to put in a car seat
    please remember that your baby doesn't realize that you're a new Mom.All they sense is that you're holding them closely,keeping them safe and warm,feeding them when hungry,and most important loving them.

    1. So much good information! Thank you!!

  3. 1.) Don't buy a whole lot of newborn clothes. Our daughter went from premie to 0-3 in 2 weeks. Sleep sacks & swaddle blankets are amazing.

    2.) We didn't have a feeding schedule. We fed her on demand & that worked best. She slept through the night at 2 weeks.

    3.) She got all of her shots on time except chicken pox. My husband is military & has seen what it's like when kids don't have them. Talk to your doctor about it they will have the best insight.

    4.) depending on c-section or natural they will discharge you between 48-36 hours. Bring socks & your own night gown/robe. bring snacks for you & your husband. you will be hungry all the time especially if you are nursing. movies, personal toiletries, nursing bra, comfortable clothes. You can ask the hospital if they provide anything for the baby. Ours provided us with diapers so we didn't have to bring any. Bring lots of layers for the baby, hats, & mittens. Also swaddle blankets & a warmer blanket.

    5.)I'm the same size as you are. I wore leggings, dresses, and maxi dresses. If I wore jeans I bought low rise in the size I normally wear and wore a belly band & long tank top. I do know that Gap has jeans our size that are good & fit.

    6.) Relax & don't worry about what other people's babies are doing, especially if they are around the same age. In the beginning if you are stressed or worried the baby will be able to tell & it will create a fussier baby.

    1. Kirtley, I really appreciate all your insight! Thank you!! It's especially helpful to hear about the newborn clothes as I have been a little confused on what to do regarding that one. So, that information is very valuable as I attempt to register. :)

      And I definitely need to check out the Gap for jeans. It was hard finding shorter pants before I was pregnant, but it has become even more difficult now!

      Thank you again for taking your time to answer all these questions! I appreciate it greatly! :)

  4. Hey Ashton -

    First, just that you're asking these questions is evidence that you're going to do great! You are already being a loving, protective mama.

    1. I wrote my complete registry list in a series of 5 posts here: Go gender-neutral as much as possible. It has really paid off for us, now that we have a son. I still use/love just about everything on that list - but I'm going to write an updated one in January.

    2. We did not do a feeding/sleeping schedule until about 4 months. At that point a baby is big enough to sleep through the night and so a schedule makes sense. Before that I just fed on demand. Less crying that way = happier baby and mama.

    3. We vaccinate. As a scientist, I feel pretty strongly about using medical technology that saves lives.

    4. I'm going to write a post on this....BUT a lot less than you would think :)

    6. It's ok to feel differently about everything than you expected. It seems like you're a planner (like me) but you really can't plan your emotions after the baby is born. The postpartum hormones can be pretty crazy, but it will pass.

    xoxoxoxo. So excited for you, girl. Keep asking away, we're here for you! :)

    1. Lindsey! Thank you! You are so encouraging even while answering questions! :)
      I am going to check out your blog posts for sure. I tend to lean more gender-neutral, so I am excited to read about your picks on that.

      Also, your perspective on a feeding schedule is also helpful. That seems like a really balanced way to go about it.

      And yes, you caught me on the planner aspect. ;) It can definitely backfire on me when it comes to emotions. So, thank you for that word of encouragement. I am going to tuck that away for when our little girl comes into the world.

      Again, thank you for your help. It really means so much to me....and helps calm me down at the same time. :)


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