Friday, November 15, 2013


About a week ago Erick and I found out that we are having a baby GIRL!
And we could not be more thrilled and excited.
Ironically, this was my first big ultrasound and we were not going into it expecting to find out what we are having. But, because of my Type 1 Diabetes I am scheduled for a lot more ultrasounds and earlier ones just to make sure everything is going well.
It was just a really amazing surprise to have the ultrasound tech ask us if we wanted to know.

I suppose I don't know how to put words to the emotions and feelings that came over me when the tech announced it was a little girl in there. Growing.
Erick and I had a really strong hunch that we were going to have a girl (we even had a name picked out).....but, just hearing those words.

I could not stop crying, lying there on the ultrasound table, just watching my little girl move around. And man oh man, she is a mover. And probably a shaker at that.
Seeing her little hands raise up and down, watching her feet kick, I was just overwhelmed with gratefulness. And love. Crazy emotional love for a little person that I haven't even met yet.

I mean, they tell you about this sort of thing before you become pregnant.
You hear the stories about the weird connection between mother and child.
But, you know, it's like anything that can not be fully expressed in words. It has to be felt.

I pray for her little life every single day. Sometime more times than I can count in a day.
I pray that God will keep her healthy and protect her from anything that my body is not doing right. And the Lord knows, there is a lot that my body does not do right every single day.

But, she is my miracle baby. She is the child that I prayed for over and over.
She is the baby that we waited 3 years to have. She is the child that I built hopes and dreams for.
The baby that pointed me to God's Word over and over again for comfort and strength.
The child that I have fought for physically. She is the answer to so many prayers on our behalf.

It was the culmination of all those things, seeing her on that screen, hearing her heart beat. She is a precious gift from a loving God that heard my prayers for a child. She has been and is being knitted together in my womb by a creative God. She was His idea.
And even now, I know she is greatly loved.

So, I am collecting all these thoughts and memories. Gathering them up.
Scooping them into my arms by the bundle full and holding them close to my heart.
Treasuring them as we wait on baby girl to make her appearance in this world.


  1. Eeeek! Ashton, I'm super excited for you and Erick as you start this journey of parenthood. And I'm so excited you're having a baby girl!

    1. Thank you Annie!! We are so excited for baby girl to get here! :)


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