Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A little fall trip 2013

Every year my husband's family takes a little fall trip to northern Michigan. It usually takes place over a weekend. The date usually fluctuates on our "scientific" ability to predict peak color in the region. And you will most likely find us driving in caravan type fashion looking for our next adventure. We do brake for caramel apples and cider donuts.....and other various food groups.
Going off the beaten path usually leads to a lot of stops and turn arounds and frantic attempts at trying to get our iphone gps to cooperate. But, eventually, always eventually, we find the place that we are scouring for. Because during the fall in Michigan one is constantly in search for the next beautiful thing. The next fiery tree. The next path. The next hill to climb. Or in our case, sand dune. It just never gets old. And I don't think we ever get tired of it. 
Sometimes the path to the most beautiful things requires a little work to get there.
But, I am reassured that it is always worth it.

I recognize that fall is coming to a quick close. At least in these parts. We are starting to see sputterings of snow. Letting us know the season is about to shift and alter once again. The last few leaves are beginning to tumble and roll away with wherever the breeze is taking them.
But, every fall, as our family bumbles through the woods or takes the millionth picture of a tree lit up in glory, I am reminded that exploring God's deep and wide creation pours into us as well.
There is really so much to be looking for in every season.
Even if it takes a little work to get there.

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