Monday, November 25, 2013

Christmas Wish List for Her

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Alright, I must confess that this compilation of gift ideas for the lady in your life is just slightly selfish.
 As in, we could title this: "Ashton's Christmas Wish List"
Simply because I would not mind receiving (or giving) any one of these gifts. 
The links to everything can be found above. 
But, I have to mention that the first time I tried Dr. Brown's Soda was in the lovely city of Charleston at this quaint deli-style restaurant. 
And it was the best root beer I have ever had. The only difference being that I drink diet root beer. 
So, now you know it must be really good if I can say that about diet root beer. 

And those rings from Lisa Leonard.....I am seriously putting those on my list. 
One with Erick's name on it and one with baby girl's name. 

And don't even get me started on those Minnetonka boots. 
 But, that's just me. 

What is on your Christmas list this year (to give or receive)?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Calling all the mommas

 This little girl is going to be my very first run with motherhood.
 I have already acknowledged and admitted to myself that I have a lot to learn.
And to some degree, experience is going to be my teacher.
My little girl is going to be teaching me at the same time I am trying to raise and pour into her little life.
And I know I am going to mess up. Make mistakes. Have to try again, by the grace of God.
Never stop walking in that grace.

With that said, there is just a lot of information to take in when you are welcoming a little one into this world for the first time.
And while I fully recognize that every child is different. And parenting preferences are different.
I sure do love hearing other people's stories and opinions.
And I have a lot of questions. Some of them silly. Some of them maybe not so much.
 I thought it would be a shame to waste the wisdom of all the mommas out there I know by not writing this post.

I know that so many of you are the strong mothers that I look up to.
You are doing it. Raising a little life (or more than one!).
And rather than me trying to decide what books to read or not to read first, I just want to hear from humble experience.
That's y'all.

So, would you consider this a humble q+a of sorts?
The type where we sit down for a cup of coffee. Or a cup of tea. Whatever you prefer.
 And I ask silly questions that don't feel so silly to me right now.
I would just love to hear your perspective. All you mommas.  
What has worked? What hasn't worked?

Feel free to comment on one question or two. Or all of them.
And add in whatever trinkets of wisdom that experience (or some other lovely momma) has taught you along the way.

1.) What are the items you would consider absolutely necessary to register for (specific brands and items are much appreciated). Items that you really appreciate and love for your baby. I'm talking diapers to strollers here.
 I am in the midst of this process right now....and it's a little overwhelming.

2.) What is your experience/opinion on feeding schedules? Did you establish a set schedule for your baby or just feed them when they want to be fed?

3.) How do you feel about immunizations? Are there certain ones that you decided not to get?
(I know this might be a little more of a controversial topic....but I've read a lot of articles about the growing concern with certain immunizations for babies).

4.) What would you consider to be some of the necessities that should be taken to the hospital on delivery day? Lay it out for me people.

5.) This is a purely selfish question. But, I need jeans. That fit. Any stores that you would recommend to buy maternity jeans?
I'm barely 5'2 and, if you have some insight on that as well, I already love you.

6.) What's one nugget of wisdom (that can apply to anything within motherhood) that you wish you had known beforehand?

And if you have anything else you are itching to share, now is the time.
I greatly appreciate all you mommas that have been such an inspiration to watch.
And I really appreciate the fact that you took the time to respond to some of these questions.
I will take them all to heart.

Friday, November 15, 2013


About a week ago Erick and I found out that we are having a baby GIRL!
And we could not be more thrilled and excited.
Ironically, this was my first big ultrasound and we were not going into it expecting to find out what we are having. But, because of my Type 1 Diabetes I am scheduled for a lot more ultrasounds and earlier ones just to make sure everything is going well.
It was just a really amazing surprise to have the ultrasound tech ask us if we wanted to know.

I suppose I don't know how to put words to the emotions and feelings that came over me when the tech announced it was a little girl in there. Growing.
Erick and I had a really strong hunch that we were going to have a girl (we even had a name picked out).....but, just hearing those words.

I could not stop crying, lying there on the ultrasound table, just watching my little girl move around. And man oh man, she is a mover. And probably a shaker at that.
Seeing her little hands raise up and down, watching her feet kick, I was just overwhelmed with gratefulness. And love. Crazy emotional love for a little person that I haven't even met yet.

I mean, they tell you about this sort of thing before you become pregnant.
You hear the stories about the weird connection between mother and child.
But, you know, it's like anything that can not be fully expressed in words. It has to be felt.

I pray for her little life every single day. Sometime more times than I can count in a day.
I pray that God will keep her healthy and protect her from anything that my body is not doing right. And the Lord knows, there is a lot that my body does not do right every single day.

But, she is my miracle baby. She is the child that I prayed for over and over.
She is the baby that we waited 3 years to have. She is the child that I built hopes and dreams for.
The baby that pointed me to God's Word over and over again for comfort and strength.
The child that I have fought for physically. She is the answer to so many prayers on our behalf.

It was the culmination of all those things, seeing her on that screen, hearing her heart beat. She is a precious gift from a loving God that heard my prayers for a child. She has been and is being knitted together in my womb by a creative God. She was His idea.
And even now, I know she is greatly loved.

So, I am collecting all these thoughts and memories. Gathering them up.
Scooping them into my arms by the bundle full and holding them close to my heart.
Treasuring them as we wait on baby girl to make her appearance in this world.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A little fall trip 2013

Every year my husband's family takes a little fall trip to northern Michigan. It usually takes place over a weekend. The date usually fluctuates on our "scientific" ability to predict peak color in the region. And you will most likely find us driving in caravan type fashion looking for our next adventure. We do brake for caramel apples and cider donuts.....and other various food groups.
Going off the beaten path usually leads to a lot of stops and turn arounds and frantic attempts at trying to get our iphone gps to cooperate. But, eventually, always eventually, we find the place that we are scouring for. Because during the fall in Michigan one is constantly in search for the next beautiful thing. The next fiery tree. The next path. The next hill to climb. Or in our case, sand dune. It just never gets old. And I don't think we ever get tired of it. 
Sometimes the path to the most beautiful things requires a little work to get there.
But, I am reassured that it is always worth it.

I recognize that fall is coming to a quick close. At least in these parts. We are starting to see sputterings of snow. Letting us know the season is about to shift and alter once again. The last few leaves are beginning to tumble and roll away with wherever the breeze is taking them.
But, every fall, as our family bumbles through the woods or takes the millionth picture of a tree lit up in glory, I am reminded that exploring God's deep and wide creation pours into us as well.
There is really so much to be looking for in every season.
Even if it takes a little work to get there.

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