Monday, October 28, 2013

Our big announcement.....

 We are having a BABY!
(In case you haven't already heard on some other form of social media.)

I hope this explains why I have been missing in action from this space for quite awhile now. 
The first trimester really is not messing around as far as getting down to business goes.
Hopefully, I will be more consistent in my time here now as I just reached 12 weeks this past Thursday and I have felt a lot better these last few days.
The husband and I are so very very excited. 
We feel overwhelmed with God's provision and His goodness to us.
 And of course, we can not wait to meet baby J (in reference to our last name) or "nugget" as my brother has so affectionately labeled the little one.

This baby is an answer to so very many prayers. 
And we would greatly appreciate your continued prayers for the health of baby J and myself as I learn to balance my diabetes in this new role. 

Baby J will be welcomed to this world May 2014. 

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  1. this makes me get so excited for y'all all over again!!!! we need to catch up soon!


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