Friday, September 6, 2013

girl style// a girl and her tote

 Girl Style: dress: banana republic factory store / belt: j. crew / shoes: marshals / bag: target (found here)

I have a totes problem. I also have a problem with squinting. But, this post is not about my lack of eye wear. It's about totes. And my fierce love of them.
I spotted this tote during one of our Target runs about a month ago. They happen often.
And I was instantly sucked in. Love at first sight.
Instantly, I started rationalizing all the things that could be carried in it. Practical. The deal was done.
I could not see my fall days without this little bag.
And it has proven to be a stable relationship so far. It carries whatever I stuff in it.
Practical things and the not so much. But, more than all that, it filled the void in my heart for a bag that felt like a thick rug. And we all know that those voids run deep.
Here's to many more escapades my little tote bag.

Wanna' know where to find some other note worthy totes?
Look no further because they are HERE, HERE, HERE & HERE


  1. You, my friend, are dahhhling. ;)

    happy weekend!

    xx, amanda

  2. I'm kind of the opposite, I can't stand carrying a purse of any type, and I only carry one when it really seems like there's no other option for toting a camera and wallet around! :P But you do look very cute with your new bag!

    The Random Writings of Rachel


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