Tuesday, August 20, 2013

guy style // girl style // all about those shoes

 Guy (brother-in-law): Button down: J. Crew/ Jeans: Levi's/ Boots: Clarks (see bottom link)/ Girl: Top (also seen here): H&M/ Skirt: Banana Republic Factory Store/ Belt: Banana Republic/ Shoes: J.Crew Factory (similar here)

Hey y'all. I hope your weekend was fantastic.
I feel kind of blasphemous for uttering the word "fall" right now.
But, there it is just the same.
Michigan has allowed summer to rise again this past week as our temperatures have been reaching the low 80s.
So, I fully recognize that we are definitely entering the transitional weather stage.
Which sometimes seems a little harder to prepare for.
But, if there is one thing that I love it is transitional footwear.
And I consider flats and certain kinds of boots one of those things.

They just work in so many weather situations.
And if you are like me, I tend to wear a lot of neutral colors.
So, a shoe with a little pizzazz and a little suede is pretty much as crazy as it gets over here.
I like to pair the "unexpected shoe" with one of those neutral outfits.
It fulfills our need during this transitional weather phase and it brightens up a more straight laced wardrobe.

So, what are some of your favorite transitional weather pieces during this month of August?
And more than that, do you enjoy experimenting with color and texture when it comes to your shoes?

Here are some shoes that I think fulfill all of the above for the ladies: HERE & HERE
And for the dudes: HERE & HERE

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