Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Charleston, South Carolina // Pt. 1

Back in mid May Erick and I took a vacation to our second home: South Carolina.
We especially wanted to visit Charleston because we never had the chance when we lived in the state of SC. I know, that sounds like a major fail on our part.

We planned a good block of our vacation in this lovely city. And we were not disappointed.
It has to be one of the quaintest places I have ever set foot in.
Everything there practically begs you to take pictures (as you can tell from the insane amount included in this post).
And it is just so walkable and charming.
The old character of the city had me grinning from ear to ear.
 Just ask Erick: I could not stop talking about the buildings. It really spoke to my love of all things aged.

We stayed at the charming Zero George Street Hotel while we were there. This was really a highlight to our trip as the hotel really embodies the spirit of the city. It's on a quite street that is in really close walking distance to the bustle of the everything. The historic houses that line this area were just amazing.
We loved our experience there and would definitely recommend it if you are planning a trip to the area.

There is so much to take in there and Erick and I spent most of our time on foot.
I feel like that is the best way to experience Charleston.
Slip into your walking shoes and just start roaming down streets.
Your bound to stumble upon a lot of history and charm everywhere you turn.

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