Wednesday, June 12, 2013

some michigan love::::influence network

Welcome fellow Influence Members! I am so glad that you are here!
AND I was absolutely thrilled to read about the theme of this link-up hosted by the Influence Network.

It is no secret that I love my state. And I really do enjoy talking about it. 
I grew up in Michigan. And it's no surprise, I still live in Michigan.
Many Michiganders (yes, we have a name for ourselves) fondly refer to our state as "the mitten".
You know, because of the shape and all. 

I grew up in a very small Michigan town. We are talking two stoplights here people.
Since those days there have been a couple stop light additions. But, it's still small. 
If you are assuming that I grew up frolicking through the woods and running through fields and shoveling snow half of the would be right. 

I grew up constantly being outside and my younger brother and I found our entertainment in taking trips to the library (among other odd adventures).
True story.

Simple beginnings. Maybe humble ones. 
But, I wouldn't change that for anything. 
I believe that I have deep appreciation for my state and God's design in creation and exploring it all because of where I grew up. And how I grew up. 

Fast forward to now: my husband and I live about a half an hour south from where I grew up and a half an hour north from where he grew up.
That's right. We have strategically planted ourselves in the middle of both of our families.
And really we enjoy many of the same things about where we live:
Michigan sunrises and sunsets. 
Our Great Lakes and the beaches that surround them.
Every quaint and unique town along the way. 
Should I mention we (as in Michiganders) have our own island? 
We love the heavy white snow in the winter.
And the colors of the leaves in the fall. 
Matter of fact, we are stoked on having 4 distinct seasons.
We love biking down trails and walking through woods.
Quite simply, we really love our state and all that it has to offer. 
It has been an adventure growing up and living here.

I am looking forward to reading more about where YOU grew up and the state you call home!


  1. Beautiful photos!
    Isn't it awesome to love where you live. :)

    It's funny that you commented on my blog because for some reason yours was the first one I clicked on after linking and I had just click Follow on your Twitter page when I saw your comment.

    If you and your husband do make out this way some time please let me know so we can meet up in person. :)

  2. Lovely photos, Ashton! I've never been to Michigan, but it might be on our potential list of places to move in the future. My husband blogs for an institute in Grand Rapids and has had several job offers to move out there. It hasn't been the right time to move out of state, yet, but we're definitely thinking about it when our kids are older. I hear Grand Rapids and Holland are some fun places to live and that's around where we might end up if God wanted us to move.

    Great getting to know you a little better through the linkup! :)

  3. Those pictures are so pretty! I gotta say, you sold your state pretty well. I imagined Michigan as being a little dreary just because the winters are so... well, wintery. But I see it has lot of other amazing things to offer. Like those lakes, oh my! Very clever of you to have planted yourself between yours and your husband's families. If we were to do that we'd have to live in Arkansas! Which doesn't sound terribly appealing at the moment. ;)

  4. All I have to say is GO BUCKS!!! ;)

    My family used to visit Michigan in the summers at a lake house. I loved those days. It was so peaceful.

  5. Yay for fellow Michiganders!

  6. I've never been to Michigan, but your pictures definitely make me want to visit! I admire the way you write about your home, it really shows how much you love where you're from!

  7. Your photos make me want to come visit ASAP!

  8. 4 distinct seasons sounds amazing! We live in SC currently, with about 1 and a half distinct seasons. In July we are moving to there will be exactly one distinct season...aka...crazy hot summer!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  9. ahh the Mitten, where I hear it's almost always cold! Or at least it was this year. Annie from is from the Mitt as well!

  10. Ashton, I love your blog design! It looks so fantastic and clean. How nice to have a town to call your own, but still be between both you and your husband's families.


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