Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Remembering God's faithfulness over waffle fries and Chick-fil-A sauce

I almost started crying as we walked into Chik-fil-A after a full day of driving from our home in Michigan to our stop in North Carolina.
Erick and I were on our way to South Carolina. For a vacation of sorts.
We were planning on spending some time in Charleston and then heading to what we like to think of as our second home in Columbia, SC.

Almost two years ago now we set off on what was probably the craziest thing we have ever done as a married couple.
Or it sure felt crazy at the time.
We packed up our apartment and kitty and moved to Columbia to attend a Bible college.
In a lot of ways to just actively seek God's will.
We wanted to be flexible.

We only ended up living there for about 6 months.
And there were a lot of hard moments in those 6 months.
 A lot of tears and homesickness.
But there was something else in all that as well.
Something that I had experienced many times before in my young life but never on such a deep level.
The faithfulness of God. 

There was something about walking into that little Chik-fil-A that brought a surge-- a complete rush of memories and emotions to my mind.
It felt like I was coming home. Even though home was technically 800 miles away.
It felt comforting. It reminded me of the deep faithfulness of God that Erick and I experienced during those 6 months.
And so my eyes became misty as I dunked waffle fries in Chick-fil-A sauce.

I wrote a lot of our experiences down in a journal during that time. 
I did not want to forget.
As I so often do forget the amazing acts of God on my behalf. 
And I knew that someday I would need to remember.
I would need to be reminded that He has not ever left me. And He is always near. 

You see, I cannot remember ever  praying as hard as I did during the time leading up to our move and all through it. 
In some ways those simple prayers of faith were basically me declaring that I knew God had called us to go.
I didn't understand it. 
But, I knew He was leading us regardless.
He would have to be our provision and make a way. Because we were about to attempt the impossible in the world's eyes. 
Erick was quitting a job he had for five years in a bad economy. We needed to find a place to live in a 3 day trip. We had no jobs lined up. And both of us were going to attempt attending college again.

Friends, I cannot recall how many times God blew doors open. Every need was meant for us to get down there. Every single one.

There were times that the rent was due and we didn't have enough. 
And right at the last minute we would receive a random check in the mail.
Or we needed groceries and somehow God provided them. 
A package would come in the mail. 
Suddenly we would receive an encouraging note with Scripture. 
It was supernatural provision. It was our faithful God. 

You see, I am convinced of something. 
If God has led us to do something and we are obedient to that. 
Regardless if we have all the answers. 
Regardless if we understand the logistics.
I believe He will work it to completion.
He will meet us there in our weakness and lead us through. 
He will be faithful when we are faithless. 
He will hear our broken prayers in the night. 
He will make a way.
And someday in the future, possibly over waffle fries, we will be able to look back and say: 
"Remember when God did that?"

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  1. so beautifully written. and thank you for sharing and allowing me to open my eyes to say 'remember' as well.


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