Monday, June 10, 2013

A smorgasbord of topics. And some pictures.

Happy Monday all! 
Hopefully your weekend was relaxing. 
Erick and I enjoyed a slow weekend. And that is definitely how we like them as of late. 

Here are some snippets from my Instagram....of life lately around these parts. 
Including: a quick day trip we enjoyed exploring northern Michigan, all the kale that needs juicing, and the short lived (but ever so lovely) lilac clippings from Erick's grandparents. 
I am determined to have a lilac bush of my own someday. 
It's on that running list one keeps in their head if ever a house is in the future. 

Add to the above plenty of shots of what I've been drinking lately. 
Feel free to voice your stance on how to brew coffee in the comment section. 
I attached this question to the mug shot above and it seems the majority rule in favor of french press. 
But, you could change that. 
So, as you can see, this is officially the most random post.
Full of a smorgasbord of topics all crammed together.

With that out in the open: how was your weekend? 
And remember to vote for your coffee preference. Because I really do want to know. 
No really, I do. 

annnnnnndddd if this wasn't enough fun you can always visit my instagram here.


  1. i adore you! and i still vote for the french press :) come to holland and i'll show you just how tasty it is!!!! ;)

    1. I adore YOU. And I am coming to your part of Michigan for sure!!!! :)


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