Thursday, May 30, 2013

well that was a blogging sabbatical

I did not plan on taking a month off from writing here, on this space. 
No, I can definitely say that it was not premeditated. 
But, a blogging sabbatical ensued just the same. 
The most unplanned things can become the most useful in refreshing and spurring on regrowth though. 
And just like I wrote awhile ago about the importance of being intentional, sometimes we (ok, I) need to step back from things and see where my intentions really are. 

During the past month I have spent a lot of time thinking about this space. 
This simple little space. 
I have spent time praying over this space. Asking God questions about this space. Missing this space. Resenting this space. Planning out this space. Feeling anxious about this space. Surrendering this space. Wondering what in the world this space really means. Surrendering this space again. 
Asking the Holy Spirit to lead and direct and oversee this space. 
Returning to this space. 

So, I hope you will be there as this space undergoes some construction because I have been undergoing some construction myself. 
The kind of constructions that takes place when the Holy Spirit is allowed to work.
And I am grateful and excited and hopeful about sharing it all with you. 


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