Monday, April 29, 2013

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Sometimes seasons last a little longer than what we would prefer them to. Those metaphorical seasons. 
The ones without weather patterns. The ones that we live and walk through. 
The seasons of life (if you will allow me to use such a cliche). 
I think I recognized for the first time the other evening that I have been walking through a season that seems very unintentional. 
As in, I am not intentional. 
I don't know that seasons themselves really have a choice in the matter. 
But, I sure know that to a degree, I have a choice as I live through whatever season I am in. 
Except I haven't been choosing for a very long time. 
I feel like I have been on an auto pilot version of life for quite awhile. 
As if I am going through days, weeks, months, just trying to make it to the next one. 
Not really making any conscious, risky choices. 
Not taking a hard look at it all and getting serious enough to sit down and think about being intentional. 

My perfectionism tells me to be intentionally perfect at all the roles I walk in and in all the seasons. 
My flesh fails. 
And this cues the "all or nothing" me to go with and settle on "nothing" instead of realizing there is another option
It never really is "all or nothing."
There is "grace." 

Which really pulls into perspective the idea of being able to try again under a source of strength that is beyond oneself. 
And I do love and serve a gracious God. He really defines the term. And He has been so gracious and patient with His daughter as she stumbles unintentionally through days that He has given to her.

I don't believe that being intentional means accomplishing everything all the time. 
And I certainly do not believe that it means you are a rock star in every area of life. 
Is there anyone that has it all figured out? 
But, I can't help but feel that God calls us to live an intentional life. 
A life that is intentionally focused on Him and the things that He has called us to. 
That requires us to seek. Not sit around and coast. Seek Him. 

I've been struggling with this friends.
Enough to call it a season.
But, I am ready to look at walking in the grace of my Savior. 
And I am ready to start living out my days intentionally seeking His will. 
And I know in order to do this there has to be moments of  "be still and know" paired with running after Him earnestly.

Please discuss with me, what are some ways that you are intentional with the time God has given you?
How are you living intentionally through your gifts, abilities, and the every day?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter reminds me to hope.

I hope your Easter weekend was full of good memories, time to reflect, and the promise of Spring weather.
Erick and I had a really great weekend together. We spent some time in northern Michigan watching my parent's animals while they were on vacation (in the warmer weather of the south!). 
And our state is starting to thaw and that means more birds chirping and less snow on the ground. 
And more sun shining and less cloudy days. 
I am grateful.

 I spent the afternoon on Friday attending a Good Friday service at our church. What a blessing that was. 
It's always awesome to gather together and worship. 
But, the sermon was especially moving and challenging and it refocused my heart towards the whole reason surrounding Easter: Jesus died. And He rose again. 

I couldn't stop thinking about the hope that this past weekend brings.
 Over and over that word was going through my head. 
We have hope that this life is not just an exercise in existence. We have hope that there is a point. 
That there is more. That our faith is not in vain.
 Because Jesus died, but then rose, we have hope!
 Death has been defeated. Suffering is not empty. The story is not over yet.

There is such immense peace and joy in that friends. 
And I felt filled to the brim with all of that this past weekend because it is a hope that goes far beyond one weekend a year. 
It is a life giving, life changing hope that changed my life. 
Has it changed yours? 


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