Monday, March 4, 2013

guy style // girl style // those pants with color

 Girl: blazer: Lauren Conrad for Kohls / t shirt: Forever 21 / pants: J. Crew factory / shoes: Target / necklace: The Giving Keys / glasses: Bonlook / Guy: t shirt: H&M / cardigan: H&M / pants: H&M / shoes: Clarks

How do you guys feel about color on your pants?
 It seems to be a trend that is holding on throughout this season. 
Along with pants that contain a whole lot of print. 
You know the types: floral, polka dots, stripes, you name it. 
I will be the first one to admit (I'm admitting it right here and now) that I am usually not a huge fan of color. 
I tend to be a black and white and grey kinda' girl with a sprinkle of stripes to add some "crazy" to my wardrobe. 
So, the whole bright colors on my pants thing is definitely a stretch for this (usually) straight laced lady.
But, I digress.
The point of the matter is I've been trying to slowly embrace more color into my wardrobe and sometimes you just got to take a leap. 
Besides, I do my best to anchor that color with some old faithfuls. Like, black. 

What are some of your favorite colors (even on pants) and what things do you like to pair them with?


  1. I was so scared of coloured jeans until last summer- then I bought a mint green pair and LOVED them! Now my burgundy-red ones are pretty much glued to my legs. Not such a fan of printed trousers though- just a step too far for me!! :) xx

  2. i love everything about this. you, my friend, look darling as usual. and that color green just happens to be my favorite! happy week to you!

    xo, amanda

  3. Super cute you guys look great! Over half of my wardrobe is black and the other 3rd is grey or white. Im trying to be adventurous and add some color!


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