Wednesday, March 27, 2013

guy style// girl style// sometimes I wear my mother's dress and then we take bad pictures

myself and my brother in law, Kory:
Guy: shirt: j.crew/ jeans: levis / shoes: target / Girl: dress: my mother's closet /shoes: target / tights: target

Sometimes it is really windy and cold in this Michigan state. 
And sometimes I wear my mother's dress on these days. 
And as a result, sometimes it is really hard to stand still because of frost bite. 
But, take heart, it is Spring (in theory) after all. 

And as a result of all the fore mentioned things you get to look at the best we could do in the "pose like you mean it" department. 
My squinty eyes and all.  
But, Kory and I got a kick out of looking at some of our outtakes.
 We are summing them up accordingly: nervous, depressed, and angry. All because of that freezing breeze. 

I will leave you to determine what state is currently captured in the above pictures.
happy wednesday all!

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