Monday, March 18, 2013

guy style// girl style// is it spring yet?

Guy: button up: J.Crew / crew neck sweatshirt: J.Crew / jeans: American Eagle / shoes: Sperry / sunglasses: Urban Outfitters / beanie: Target / Girl: jean vest: Maurices / shirt: H&M / jeans: H&M / boots: Target / ring: Forever 21 / sunglasses: Kate Spade

I keep reading that Spring has officially sprung in various states. 
But, I am here to announce that it is still remaining slightly elusive in Michigan. There are signs. 
We have had more sunshine in the last couple weeks than I dare to remember. And I have been greeted by the sounds of birds chirping away at my window. I have even put out a bird feeder. 
But, in the midst of all the signs, yesterday was a perfect reminder that winter in this state does not leave easily...or quietly. 
It was cold enough yesterday that we could see our breathe while trying to get these shots. 
Real mature, winter. 

In the midst of the cold shoulder we are getting from this never-ending season, we are slowly incorporating some Spring favorites into our wardrobe. 
That's what you do here. You fake it until spring catches the memo.

What are some items that you are especially excited about this season?
Anything that you are wearing right now even in the midst of winter's last stand? 
(p.s. I am sure you have heard by now the demise of google reader and all the ruckus it has caused. 
Well, in case you like all your ducks in a row (or all in one place for that matter) you can find me on bloglovin' right here. Or you can click on my button on the right sidebar.That felt too much like a public service announcement.)

(p.p.s rest in peace google reader.)


  1. Nice! You guys are one stylish couple : ) I wish I could get my hubby to model some clothes! Not happening anytime soon. I'm excited for warm weather - we caught a glimpse of it this weekend, and my spirits were immediately lifted, but it's all cold and crazy again today. And making the switch to bloglovin - following on there now too!

    1. Thanks Jenn! No worries though about the hubby modeling clothes (I understand this), because this is my brother in law: Kory.

      I'm not sure I could convince my husband to step out from behind the camera. :)

      Glad to hear you are seeing some Spring as well!! :)

  2. girl - i adore your style and your husbands style! i really should do some his/hers fashion posts! i love them!

    1. OH MY WORD! that's not your hubby!!! hahah i just read the comment above. well then... nevermind about combining y'all together - but i do like both styles non the less :)

    2. Haha! Apparently, I need to clarify that!
      I guess they look more alike than I thought. :)
      But, thank you for the kind words regardless!

  3. We're supposed to get like a foot of snow up in Montreal tonight, looks like it is going to be a white easter :(

  4. Haha! "Real mature, winter". That made me chuckle. :) Happy Spring! I can't wait for bare toes weather!

    -Becky O.


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