Wednesday, February 13, 2013

this might be the winter blues.

Can we just say that it is officially the middle of February? For my mental state at least. 
Here in Michigan winter does not pull any punches. It starts out nice, to the point that you actually consider being friends, and then it usually wears out it's welcome. 
At this point I am mostly longing for more than just one day a week that entails sunshine.
 I can handle the cold...just give me the sunshine.
And it probably doesn't help that every store in my town is displaying brightly colored spring and summer frocks.
 I'm not sure where they are living as of right now. 
But, it certainly isn't the middle of February in Michigan wherever it is. 

 We enjoy a lot of movies during this time of year. And we wander around stores a lot as well. This usually involves some form of coffee. And I have recently taken up juicing. More on that at a later date. 
But, I am simply running out of ideas. Winter is getting the best of me here people.

SO, what are some activities or things you do to pass winter's final stand?
Be generous. Share those ideas that sanity is made out of.



  1. Juicing is amazing! It'll change your body in so many ways. I have been reading like a mad woman lately and I've found that has been helping me. I am longing for the days when I can feel the grass on my bare feet again.....*le sigh* Thanks for the info regarding the pens! :)

    1. Well that is good to hear about the juicing! I am hoping it has some good effects on my body!
      I can't wait for warmer weather as well! Mostly because I just want to be outside more often. :)

      No problem about the pen information! I hope it helps and you get to create something fun!

  2. In winter, I bake. A LOT. For example, this evening I am making salted caramel brownies, lemon drizzle cake, and shortbread, and on Sunday I made choc chip cookies....
    But yeah, winter sucks. Here in South West England, it probably is no where near as cold as it is in Michigan, but I bet we can rival the miserableness. I can't remember the last time the sky wasn't a shade of grey!!! x

    1. There is a lot of grey days here as well! But, your baking sounds absolutely delicious. Something about winter that makes me want a whole lot of comfort food! :)

  3. I'm with ya...about the winter. Hmmm. I browse Pinterest, write, make sure everything is clean and tidy and after that? Sulk.

    Love the style shots below. Nice!

    1. Haha! I am with ya when it comes to the sulking. I have definitely done my share of that the last few weeks. Pinterest is a wonderful thing though. It definitely helps pass the time until warmer days. ;)


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