Friday, February 1, 2013

"That's just what mommies do.."

Those are the words that I have heard spoken from my own mother to my ears many times.
Normally I hear them after she has done something selfless on my behalf.
Or when I am embracing her with the occasional red puffy eyes from crying.

Yesterday, I was in bed 99.9 percent of the day. Sick and very tired.
And here came my mother.
She made me a quiche. With vegetables in it of course.
She washed my dishes. Organized my pantry cupboard.
Folded and cleaned every piece of laundry in this little apartment.
Brought me tea. And organized my entire pajama drawer.
The irony in this is that she did all this after spending time taking care of her own mother that very morning.

I have a selfless mother.

But, whenever I tell her 'thank you' she always replies with "that's just what mommies do."
And I got to thinking about how whenever I am sick I instantly want my mother.
And when I've had a really bad day I instantly want to hear my mother tell me 'it's all going to work out'.
Or when I accomplish something that fills me up I want to share it with my mother.
Somehow the accomplishment becomes more accomplished when she puts her stamp of approval on it.

But, what about all those other things that mommies do. Is their 'job' ever done?
You see, I think (and this is just me thinking) that a mommy must always be just that.

No matter how old her children. They always seem to instinctively and out of love take care of their children.
From emotional strength and support.
Right down to the dishes in our sink.

It's a mystery to me. A profound one. As I am not a mother. Yet.
But, when I see the way my mother demonstrates her "mommie-ness" towards her children. Towards me.
I know that it must be one of the highest callings. To raise children not until they move out.
But to continue to raise them in so many ways even after they are grown.
There must be an inexpressible love there to be that committed and selfless to another human being for one's whole life.

Because under the expression, "that's just what mommies do" is a whole lot of profound love, dedication, and strength.
A bond that just keeps growing no matter how old we get.


  1. your mother is just the sweetest. i wish mine lived closer to do such things. and as for being a mama, myself...there isn't anything i wouldn't do for my baby and i know for sure, when almost nothing is 100% certain these days, that i forever will. :)

    xo, amanda

    1. I know that when we moved to a different state for awhile I missed my mother more than anything. And I love hearing young mothers (such as yourself!) talk and write about their experiences raising their children. It's encouraging. :)

  2. great post, oh so true! New follower from the link up!

    1. Hi Kristal!
      Welcome! I'm so glad you stopped by! :)

  3. I'm crying. That is so sweet. I hope you feel better. Thanks for linking up with us on Photo Friday. <3

    1. Oh thank you. I am feeling much better now. :) And thank you for hosting such a lovely link up!


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