Monday, February 11, 2013

guy style // girl style

 Guy: jean jacket: j.crew/ beanie: target/ boots: jcpenny/ button down: j.crew/ Girl: blazer: banana republic/ top: thrifted/ jeans: j.crew (toothpick)/ necklace: the giving keys/ oxfords: restricted footwear (found at marshalls)

Well this would be the first post to a new feature that I've decided to start over here on this lil' blog. 
It gives me a chance to stretch my creative legs a little and dabble in two things that I really enjoy: personal style and taking pictures. 
I thought it would be fun to feature some guys looking spiffy. 
So, I give to you my brother-in-law: Kory (who has made many a cameo on this space).
He would be my partner in crime when it comes to all things style related. 

The thing is, style is a really a personal thing don't you think? 
Everyone has a different way of expressing themselves through what they wear.
 A uniqueness to them. It's creative. It expresses something about who you are. 
And not to mention, it's just plain fun.

So, this is us having fun.


  1. I LOVE your shoes- I am a huge fan of brogues. I totally agree that style is so personal- my friend wears some amazing outfits that I know I would look like a clown in- and she says the same about my clothes! x

    1. Thanks Alice! I love them because they are so comfortable! If it's not comfortable I probably will not wear it! :)
      I love how different people can work different pieces of clothing in different ways. It makes it all so much more interesting! :)

  2. I love when you two do style posts together! If my husband and I did that.... he would always be wearing chacos, gap cargo shorts, and a gap v-neck. lol!!

    1. WELL, my husband takes the pictures why his brother (Kory) and I get to exercise our love for fashion. haha!
      I am pretty sure Erick would not enjoy being on the other side of the camera!:)


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