Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Raise a glass...or a mug.

What is it about a good mug? Anyone want to chime in here?
I just love mugs.
There is something extremely comforting and snugly about cradling a mug in one's hand.
Especially this time of year when the cold weather seems to be taking over.

Part of my mug love might come from the fact that there is normally coffee in it. Minor side note.
But, regardless of your choice of drink, a mug is a wonderful thing.
And it's fun to say.
Go ahead, say "mug".

I'm not much for the matchy matchy mug rule.
Instead, I have a lot of mismatched mugs that all tell a story and all have some sorta' memory wrapped up in them.
And of course we all have our favorite mug that seems to make an appearance from the cupboard more than usual.

I have two matching mugs that look more like tea cups that I purchased in a little shop in my hometown just after getting engaged to erick.
Every time I use one I think of those beginning years when we were just getting started.

I have a mug that I bought during our time in South Carolina. It reminds me of our adventure and everything we learned. It also brings to memory early morning sunrises coming through our apartment window.
The orange red glow would peak over the buildings and fill the room.

I have a mug that reminds me of my favorite movie.
A mug that hails a lovely place I would like to go.
Mugs that were bought for me by grandparents.
Mugs that remind me of that time I got my wisdom teeth pulled.
A mug that proclaims my coffee addiction.
A people reminder mug. I think of them every time I use it.

All of them unique. And all of them tied to sometime, someplace, someone.
The cupboard is calling you to find out what stories your mugs are telling.
Go on, brew a cup of coffee and remember it.


  1. i love the owl mug :) i have been a follower for a while, but trying to get better at commenting!

    1. Hi Erin! Well, I am so glad that you commented! The owl is definitely one of my favorites as well. It makes drinking coffee that much more enjoyable...if that is even possible! ;)


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