Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Flower power

We are in the dead middle of January friends.
And while this is Michigan, so I can not complain too much about winter, it is beyond cold. 
We have witnessed some negative numbers the last few days when you add in that wind chill. 
And I'm pretty sure it has a lot of folks feeling some cabin fever. And longing for sunshine. 

So, I can't think of any better way to beat those winter blues by enlisting some natural elements to come and hang out for awhile. 
I purposely have purchased some flowers and plants to make ye olde apartment feel more cheery.

I love succulents because there is not much you can do to kill them (kitty paw alert in the background). 
Keeping it real here people.
 And daises make me think of spring and my favorite movie and they last a good long time.

So, I'm workin' that flower power over here in Michigan knowing full well we have months of winter ahead of us. 
And while I'm at it I'll just mention that every time I say "flower power" I have a flashback of me circa 1997-1999. Purple chapstick and all. 

What are the things that are keeping you warm and cozy (and sane) these last few blustery days? 
Oh, and by all means, what is your favorite flower or plant? 


  1. where did you buy your succulent? i am wanted to add a few more to our tiny collection! thanks, girl.

    1. We got ours at IKEA, but I have seen them at such random places like Home Depot! Hope you guys are staying warm over there! :)

  2. Haha I need to get my hands on some pretty flowers perhaps! Flower power makes me think of girl power which makes me think of the spice girls haha, such a good era!

    1. You are so right Kelsey! I don't think I could seperate the spice girls from that time in my life either! :)


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