Thursday, January 3, 2013

Best year yet

Happy 2013 everyone.
I know, I am a little late with the wishes. 
It's taken me a few days though to really think about resolutions and if I'm going to make any. 

Because, in a moment of honesty, I never really follow through. I can hardly believe it myself. 

After some pondering I have realized that more than resolutions, these are things in my life that I really need to be working on. These are areas in my life that I should be taking more seriously regardless of a new year. 

Time out to mention: there is something about a fresh new start that is quite wonderful, no?

So, I believe that these resolute resolutions are quite personal this year. They have taken some "soul searching" on my part. And a good dose of honesty. And some are lighter than others. 
But here they are in a very list-like form. Which is how I prefer my resolutions.

1. Continue to work on my low carbohydrate diet for the benefit of my blood sugar.
(because sometimes you need to resolve not to give up)

2. Start adding in exercise to further benefit my blood sugar and health.
(taking it slow here people.)

3. Get A1Cs down to 6.5 by June.
( a very personal goal related to my diabetes. a goal worth striving for.)

4. Work on being more giving.
(of my time, of my resources. i should add I am praying that the Holy Spirit works this in me as i choose obedience.)

5. Read 5 books start to finish in 2013.
(i confess, i am a starter of books and not a finisher. not to mention, i have a hard time being still)

6. Spend time daily loving Jesus.
(because i need His Word and i believe there is power in prayer)

7. Focus on experiences and adventures instead of accumulating stuff.
(can i get a witness?!)

8. Allow the blog to be what it will. Take chances. Filter less. Stop caring about growth.
Write because I love to write.
(need I say more about this one?)

9. Spend more time in the moment & less time on my phone and social media.
(we only have one life to live, i want to focus mine on what truly matters)

10. Plan one night a week set aside for just me & erick.
(no work, no stress, no phones, just fellowship with my best friend)

Cue blurb of pictures taken over the holidays now:


  1. Some recommendations for #5: Red Like Blood by Joe Coffey, The Circle Trilogy by Ted Dekker (some of the best Christian fiction I've ever read), & The Hole in Our Holiness by Kevin DeYoung

    As for #2, I can recommend (and get you a discount) at a great gym I know!

    1. Thanks for the book recommendations Ben! Ironically, my brother was just telling me about The Hole in Our Holiness!
      So, I think that will be a must read for me now.

      And now I just need to get over my gym apprehension! :)

  2. Great resolutions! I love #6 and #9, both things I need to work on as well. I recommend Kate Morton as an author, she's awesome!

    1. Thank you Jenn! I will definitely look into her books! :)

  3. i am loving your #10. date nights are theeee best!! by the way i love and i mean love your hair. so long and brown and beautiful!

    xo, amanda

    1. We definitely need to have more date nights over here!
      And you are so kind to my hair! Haha! Thank you! ;)

  4. Love the 'focus on experiences and adventures' resolution, definitely needed a reminder to do this myself! Your blog is super lovely :) Hope 2013 is wonderful for you and that you are having a great week! x


    1. Hi Kate! Thank you for the sweet words! I know I need to constantly focus on what my resolutions mean to me personally so I can keep trying! :)
      Hope you are having a wonderful start to the new year as well!

  5. These are ALL great resolutions, but I especially love #8, 9, and 10. Love the photos too, you two are so cute together!


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