Monday, December 10, 2012

handmade, with love

Christmas is coming upon us so quickly! 
I spent a few days last week organizing gifts and putting packages together.
Like so many others, I have found a lot of inspiration through homemade gifts. 

I have found so many free printables through pinterest (you can find my boards here). 
And that has been my source for all of my gift tags this year.

My mother and I took some time this past summer and early fall to can preserves and make homemade salsa which is going into a lot of my gift baskets. 
This feels special to me because of all the work that goes into picking and preserving fresh fruits and vegetables.
Along with that I am including the easy (and tasty) idea of compiling my own trail mix in jars. 
This is about as simple as picking out your favorite nuts, dried fruits, and chocolate.

The cinnamon ornaments that my mother and I also worked on together are being attached to a lot of my packages and pay homage to our state. Ten points for the mitten. 
Plus, these ornaments invoke memories of opening my Christmas decorations box as a child. 
My whole room would smell like cinnamon.

 And I couldn't resist compiling mugs that contain my favorite variety of teas.

I've had a lot of fun wrapping and stringing these gifts together.
Sometimes the presentation is just as special as what is on the inside of the package. 

What ideas are you implementing for gift giving this year? 
Have you jumped on the handmade bandwagon?


  1. Homemade salsa and preserves are so thoughtful and you've made me incredibly hungry for trail mix now :) I'm going to attempt to crochet and diy most of my gifts starting this weekend, its going to be a wild ride haha

    1. Trail mix is one of my weaknesses! I would love to be able to crochet! Someday I'm going to have enough patience to learn! :)

  2. I love giving homemade gifts! Right now I'm still in the process of sewing a set of placemats for my grandma! I love your michigan ornaments--I have to, that's my state, too!

    1. That sounds so creative Rachel! I am sure your Grandma will love them!
      I love meeting fellow Michiganders! ;)

  3. Just found your blog, very cute. I also am giving away homemade raspberry jam (so hard to part with) and homemade bread. I didn't make darling tags like you, that will be next year :)

    1. Welcome! I am glad that you stopped by!
      I love homemade delicious. But, the fact that you are also making homemade bread really tops it! :)

  4. these are adorable. i wish i had thought of this! maybe next year..

    found the route


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