Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Where hope lies

Well, I made it. 
 I can't believe how fast it went, and yet it feels like I've been doing it forever at the same time. 
Can anyone else relate to that feeling? 
I can honestly say this challenge did help my physical body in very practical ways.
I noticed a difference in not only my blood sugar numbers, but also how I felt overall. 
It made me realize in so many ways that I have to choose physical health. 
That isn't something that just happens. I need to be choosing it. And praying for it. 

Tomorrow I have a very important step in this whole process. 
And I have had moments of excitement. And moments of apprehension. And moments of straight up fear. 
Sometimes no matter how good the change is that is coming, it's still frightening. 
I become fearful of the outcome. 
I become fearful to try different things in regards to my health because what if it doesn't work? 
Sometimes the idea of hope keeps us paralyzed from moving.
 I would rather hope in some far off future than step out in faith right now and trust God with the difference and the outcome and all the steps and days in between. 
I have to realize where my hope lies and what it is in. 
Is it in the difference? Is it in the future? Is it in the next 30 days? Or is it in Jesus? 
Because if my hope is in Him and Him alone, it can't disappoint.
I am checking my thoughts daily on this one. 
 My hope is not in the results, it's in Him.

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  1. Very well said Ashton!! Congrats on making it 30 days but it seems God has really used it to teach you and grow you. I love it!


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