Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas around these parts

Decking the halls and everything else is in full swing over in our corner of the mitten.
Bing Crosby is pretty much on repeat with an occasional sprinkle of Tony Bennett. 
We are fluffing the tree (yes, we are part of the fake tree camp).
Unraveling lights so they can be looped and molded over practically any surface.
Unpacking funky ornaments that have seen many a Christmas. 
As each decoration goes up so do memories and feelings of happy times.

Let the warm fuzzies commence.
Christmas is such a special time of year. 
I know that there are a lot of emotions and childhood memories that get wrapped up in the season. 
It's a time to remember and slow down and really focus on what matters. 
I'm grateful for Christmas and the peacefulness that comes along with it. 

How are you decorating and getting into the Christmas spirit? 


  1. we are celebrating with all of my favorites from my childhood :)

    love you tree by the way!

    xo, amanda

    1. Childhood Christmas memories and traditions are some of the best things about this time of year!


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