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Blog Thankful: featuring Whitney!

 In light of this month of November and Thanksgiving approaching, I wanted to do a series that focused in on some lovely blogs and the ladies behind them that I am especially thankful for. 

So, with that, I am so excited to introduce you to Whitney the writer behind  The Sweetest Things.
Whitney has become a dear friend through this blogging world
Not only does this lady know how to dress a baby bump (I can only pray that I look that cute when pregnant someday!) she really has such a sweet and joyful spirit.
I'm going to let Whitney take the show away now! 
Tell us about yourself and your blog space:
Hello to all of sweet Ashton's readers! My name is Whitney, I'm a wife and stay at home Mama.
We have two little boys who are ages 2 and 1 with a baby girl due in March!
 The sole purpose of my blog is to journal our day to day life and document all of the memories that we’ll enjoy reading through in the years to come. I plan on publishing my blog into several books to show my kids and grandkids in the future. I also hope to be an encouragement to other wives and mothers who read along with us!
What inspires you and gives you purpose?  
God has really used my husband and children to inspire me and to give me purpose. I know that my actions and emotions affect my husband’s life and the well being of my kids and it always makes me think twice about how I’m acting or what I’m doing.
What artists can you not stop listening to right now? 
 I can never get enough of Kari Jobe! She is hands down one of my favorite worship artists! On the other end of the spectrum I’ve had the Avett Brothers new cd on repeat while I’m cleaning or crocheting. My boys love it as well and a lot of the time it ends in a dance party in the living room. Lots of laughter and giggling ensues.
What is your favorite book and why?  
The Bible! I’m not much of a reader so I’ve never really gotten into reading anything else. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve read other books before but only as a requirement for school, not really for enjoyment. I did enjoy The Hunger Games movie though and was instructed that the books are a must read…we’ll see if I ever get around to actually reading them!
What is your favorite product in your beauty bag?  
This is a hard one! I would say as of late my favorite beauty product would be my lipstick! I have a few shades that I rotate through, one from Clinique and two from Revlon. The Revlon shades are my favorite and they’re only $5 each! I think I need to stock up on some new colors soon.  

How has being a mom changed you?  
Being a mom has changed/is changing me in more ways than I could ever describe! I’ve never realized how selfish I am, how much of a worrier I can be, and I never experienced the kind of love that I experience with my kids! You always hear that you’ll love your children, but once they’re here it’s insane! My heart melts into a puddle daily and I squeeze in as many hugs and kisses as I can get. The thought of them growing up brings tears to my eyes (even though I know it’s a good thing…call me crazy)…I can’t even watch old videos of them without balling my eyes out, I’m a mess! I always thought I was a patient person but quickly learned otherwise and it’s a constant struggle for me! Lord help me!  

Coffee or Tea?  
COFFEE! I think it’s safe to say I’m addicted to Starbucks…you can ask my husband, when we’re budgeting out money, there always has to be some in the coffee fund! I know everyone who works at our local Starbucks and I love going in with my boys. Yes, I’m that person…but they’re all so sweet and thoughtful so the whole experience is always so fun with the perk of walking out with a good cup of joe. I could talk about coffee all day…ok maybe not ALL day…but close.
What is on your Christmas list this year?  
I don’t have anything on my Christmas list this year only because my parents are taking our entire family to Disneyland and getting us annual passes! That is the best gift ever! We’re big on going to Disneyland, my boys love it so I’d rather save money to take a couple more trips throughout this next year than to get gifts on Christmas. I’ll definitely be getting my boys a few things though, it’s irresistible!  

What you are you thankful for this year?  
I am thankful for a loving, sweet, and generous husband! He is such a blessing to me and I’m so glad God brought us together! I’m thankful for my two boys and the blessing of adding a third baby (not to mention a girl!!) with a healthy pregnancy so far. I’m thankful to have family living close because they are always loving on my boys and are more than willing to help when needed. I’m very thankful that my husband has a steady full time job that allows us to pay the mortgage, bills, and put food on the table each month! God has truly blessed us and is faithful always!  

Thank you Whitney!!
You can find more of Whitney here:  
Click HERE to visit her blog! 
Twitter: @WhitneyKBaker

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  1. Aw - adorable baby bump! Thanks for the interview Ashton- happy to find new blogs :)


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