Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Blog Thankful : featuring Amanda!

In light of this month of November and Thanksgiving approaching, I wanted to do a series that focused in on some lovely blogs and the ladies behind them that I am especially thankful for.
Today I am so excited to introduce you to Amanda, the writer behind, It's the Little Things
Amanda has such a lovely spirit about her. She brings that to her blog so effortlessly! 
Whether she is writing about her adorable little family or her love for cooking, she writes with a wonderful perspective of thankfulness.
I have greatly appreciated getting to know her through this blogging community and her friendship to me!
So, sit back and enjoy getting to know more about her and her little family!

Tell us about yourself and your blog space:
Well hello there! I’m Amanda, writer behind our family’s blog, It's The Little Things, centered aroundthis fantastic little thing called life! Our tiny corner of the internet isyour glimpse into our endless giggles, yummy meals, park excursions, bebeletters, colorful crafts, and heaps of love, with bits and pieces of whatinspires us along the way. Something parenthood has taught us so far, is thatthe little things in life aren't so little after all; they are, in fact, quitebig and beautifully important. We invite you to our neck of the woods to enjoya peek at some of the treasured moments in our lives as a itty-bitty family offour.

What inspires you?
Inspiration is wonderfullypowerful indeed. I tend to find it in the little things in life, hence my blogtitle.  From a perfectly poached egg, tomarket excursion, to cuddling with my two best friends, Andrew and Stella, Ienjoy discovering pockets of inspiration everywhere.  Embracing positivity and finding happiness inlife’s simple pleasures continues to bring so much love and joy to ourfamily. 

What artists can you not stop listening to right now?
Right now I am all about TheBlack Keys, Alt J, Mumford and Sons, and Beirut. It is so hard for me to justchoose one since we listen to a wide range of music nonstop at home.  A few nights back I found myself in our newkitchen belting out the lyrics to “Blank White Page” by M&S.  It was awfully liberating and made my hearthappy.

What is your favorite book and why?
As a lover of literature, andan English teacher to boot, choosing one book is rather difficult for me.  So, I will let you in on a little something Ihave been devouring over the past month, An Everlasing Meal by TamarAdler about cooking intuitively with economy and grace.  I have referenced when whipping up recipesmany times in the past few weeks and feel that it has taught me to be not onlya more savvy home cook but a better one, too. 

What is your favorite product in your beauty bag?
In one word: mascara.  I live by the classic Mabelinne mascara thatI usually buy in the checkout lane at Target or CVS for under $5.  I have tried other more expensive mascaras,but this one in “very “black” does the job every time.  And my wallet greatly appreciates it, too.

How has being a mom changed you?
I could write a book aboutall the ways being a mama has changed me. I have better time management, I can carry more groceries in one loadthan ever before, I am what you could call a pro at making the bubbliest bubblebath, and when it comes to creating goofy voices and or sounds for getting Stellato take a picture, well I guess you could say I rock.  And then there is one overwhelming differencebetween who I was before having Stella and the woman I am now.  I am much more patient.  I am better able to find beauty in theunexpected and savor life’s rather chaotic moments.  I am definitely a better person as a mama.

 Coffee or Tea?
I am without a shadow of adoubt addicted to coffee, coffee, and more coffee with a little coffee on top.  I cherish my morning ritual of making a strongbrew of freshly ground espresso beans and sipping it rather methodically on myway to work.  And then there’s pumpkinspices creamer that just takes my addiction to a whole other level, youknow. 

What is on your Christmas list this year?
My Christmas list this yearhas three things on it this year: an automatic car starter, a new pair ofglasses, and the book How to Cook a Wolf by M.F.K. Fisher.  Oh, and a couple candy canes wouldn’t hurt.

Whatare you thankful for this year?
This year I am bursting withthankfulness and gratitude for finally getting to settle down in our newhome.  Andrew and I made our first bigpurchase as a married couple and are beyond happy with where we will be for thenext chapter of our life.  I feel asthough the holidays are going to be extra special this year with Stella beingold enough to open presents and help her mama in the kitchen, so I am thankfulfor that, too.  And I must say, I am alsothankful for you, miss Ashton, for being such a sweet friend to me!  Happy holidays to you and your love.

Thank you Amanda!
You can find more of Amanda here: 

Visit her blog HERE
twitter: @mamawatters OR click HERE
pinterest:@mamawatters OR click HERE


  1. Such a great idea for a feature! I'm catching up on your blog :)

    1. Thanks Kelsey! I definitely enjoyed reading Amanda's answers too! :)


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