Monday, November 5, 2012


My husband just celebrated his 27th Birthday this past week.
We joked and chatted about this birthday more than we usually consider birthdays all together. 
For some silly reason we both couldn't quite wrap our heads around that number. 
I know, it's nothing momentous or 'over the hill' as they say. 
But, every time we thought about it we would start laughing. 

One evening this past weekend, after the Birthday festivities subsided, erick said: 
"I felt old today"
He went on to explain how he had one of those moments while he was chatting with someone at work where he couldn't get over the feeling of age. 
He was aware of time.
I couldn't help but think as we chatted about age and life that we were really talking about the goals and dreams that get wrapped up into those two things. 

One day, whatever the number might be, we wake up and realize that some time has passed.
 And here we are. 
And I can't help but think that this thought might be slightly discouraging to some people. 

Sometimes erick and I feel like late bloomers. 
We got married young...but it has taken us awhile to figure out where we are going and where we are headed. 
I think there was this looming notion in the both of our minds with this birthday that maybe we haven't accomplished enough or figured out all the things you are supposed to have figured out by this age. 
 Obviously, my mind easily wanders to the many other women I know my age or younger that already have three children and one on the way, and I'm still waiting on one

But, it was in this moment of discussing time and age and our slight feelings of failure that rose up in us that I realized that God has not intended us all to live a life that is exactly like someone else.
 To everything there is a season. 
A time. 
And I can be certain that there is always a purpose.
Matter of fact, He has a plan that is unique to all of us.
Are we willing to wait for it when it requires patience and are we willing to run after it with everything we got when He calls us to?
That requires us to stop comparing ourselves to others and building time frames and instead setting our eyes on Jesus.

There is a firm foundation that our feet can stand on. 
And He establishes our plans (proverbs 16:3).

Cheers to 27!


  1. Happy Birthday to your husband! Have a really nice blog. Kiss from Spain!

  2. hey love! Just wanted to tell you I got my glasses from BONLOOK!!! xoxoxo!!!!

    1. Thank you Casey!! They looked amazing! :)


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