Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The idol of approval

The idea of this post has been rolling around in my head for awhile. Rolling around, because it is much harder to type it out versus letting it marinate.
Maybe you can relate to the things that I'm about to pound out on these keys.

I have recently admitted to myself that I struggle with the idol of approval. 

You may wonder what I mean and why I'm choosing to call it out that way. 
Let me break it down. I don't like to not be liked. I don't like to disappoint people or make them upset.
In short, I find myself seeking the approval of people around me, making sure I'm not letting them down. Depending on them to let me know that I'm still measuring up to their standards. That I'm still likeable.
You get the point.
And before you know it, you have idolized this thing. Whether it be approval, or insecurity, or dependency, or power, or control, or fear.
You fill in the blank.

The more God has pointed this out to me over the past year (and really refined this area of my life), the more I have realized that I have allowed this idol to prevent me from being about God's business at all times.
And instead I have been about the business of others.
Trying to please them. Trying to satisfy human needs.
Mind you, these things have layers. Idols don't usually develop over night. I can easily remember a time in my early teens years where I began to become self-conscious (insecure) with areas of my personality. That then spilled over into me becoming overly aware of things about my physical make-up that I wasn't too fond of.
That's right, I became overly aware of my flaws as a result of  seeking the approval of people instead of seeking God and His Word more. 

Insecurity leads to needing approval. 

Did you get that?

Insecurity in any area of our life will eventually lead us to the well of approval....and we will sit there waiting for someone or something to come by and fill us up and makes us feel better and validate who we are.

These things will betray us.
 Sooner or later.
 But, you know what God has pointed out to me personally in this area?  
He is God.
 He is worthy of all my intentions and priorities.
And I should be seeking His approval and His alone.

Well meaning people are still human. And when we seek people and things and stuff and hobbies and purpose to fill us up, to validate us, we will never have enough.
Please don't misunderstand me here, friendships and counsel and enjoying the things God has given us are good things. But, when they become the first thing we run towards, the problem lies there.
We will always come up empty.

But, God never runs dry. He is always pouring out His love. He is living water. He is the master artist after all. He crafted us and formed us and makes us into a one of a kind piece of art. How creative is He?!

So here's my point in sharing all of this.
To my fellow believers, to my fellow sisters in Christ, are you seeking the approval of others around you? Are you concerned more with human opinion and is that fueling insecurity in your life?
Lay it down and find your worth and value in the Savior. Come to Him and be filled up. Find your purpose in who He has created you to be. You are infinitely valuable. Seek Him first.

To those that may have stumbled upon this and recognize you are struggling with similar things:
Do you know Jesus?
His love never runs dry.

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  1. This is so wise. Thank you for sharing...I think teen girls especially could benefit from this knowledge/reminder if it is only just planting the seed. Have a great weekend!


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