Monday, October 22, 2012

Some things I learned over the weekend....

Grocery shopping while hungry is never a good idea. 
And I would like to add to this list: grocery shopping on Saturday.
Also, an equally horrible idea. 

I am becoming unable to sleep at night. 
Part too many ideas in my head and part too much snoring coming from erick. 
Rest assured, someone is getting sleep in this apartment. 
But, it isn't me. 

The last of the leaves are falling here in Michigan. 
Soon, we will have a bunch of naked trees just hanging out together. 
Except those pines. 

I am on the hunt for the perfect cowl. Not too bulky. Because I would get lost in it. 
Not to mention, does anyone else suffer from neck pain in the colder months from too much bulk? 
I'm talking: coat, scarf, sweater, and that beast of a purse we lug around. 
My shoulders are crying out for a light cowl. 
Any ideas or suggestions on where to find one? 

Ummm...I am trying really hard (realllllly hard) not to listen to Christmas music. 
I dabbled in some Tony Bennett the other day and I'm officially having withdrawals.

Foggy sunrises are absolutely beautiful. 

How was your weekend? What adventures did you take?


  1. I can't help but be sad that the trees will be naked soon! : ( I wish they could just stay like this for a bit longer. And yes, I feel a good cowl, but I don't have any recommendations for you, sorry! Also, agreed about grocery shopping while hungry. Bad times ; )

    1. Hey Jenn! Thanks for stopping in!
      I know, fall is such a pretty time of year but it does go by so fast!
      I'm glad that someone else also shares my dislike of shopping while hungry. ;)

  2. I really like the first picture! :D

    1. Thanks Lydia! Thanks for coming by! :)

  3. try etsy for a cowl.

    shopping while hungry is horrible. but i do it anyways.

    1. I will definitely look into that! Thanks for the cowl suggestion!
      At least shopping while hungry produces a lot of groceries. At least that is what I tell myself. :)


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