Saturday, October 6, 2012

Happy Birthday to my dad:

Happy Birthday to a dad that is hardworking.
This says a lot about your character. 
 You have worked hard, sacrificing your time, throughout the years for this family.

Happy Birthday to a dad that is always there to give advice and instruction.
Dad we appreciate you raising us to love Jesus and His truth above all else.
And I appreciate your willingness to sit us down and impart some of that wisdom (that comes from all these Birthdays) when we aren't too sure what to do. 

Happy Birthday to a dad that taught me to love music.
All those Sunday mornings listening to your acoustics in the bathroom taught me a thing or two about singing.
And we knew how to "rock out" at all those concerts we attended.

Happy Birthday to a dad who knows how to keep Christmas well in his heart.
It has always been the most wonderful time of the year for me. 
And I'm sure that has to do something with my childhood memories of you loving it so much.

Happy Birthday to a dad that is actually pretty creative.
You may sit behind a desk, but I know you have inner artsy side.
My bedroom door was plastered with your drawings as a child.
And I still have every single one.

Happy Birthday to a dad that always puts his family first.
We know that you love us. 
And we love you too.

Happy Birthday to a dad that always taught me to do my best.
I know that is all I can do, and anything I do deserves at least that.

Happy Birthday to a dad that gave me a nickname that passes time.
(Not newts)

Happy Birthday to my dad.
 I love you very much!
And I'm praying for many more Birthdays with you!

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