Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A pumpkin carving soirée

I am not proud to admit that I have never carved a pumpkin. 
For someone that loves fall this much it almost seems like an impossibility. 
This year I owned up to it, and decided it was time to break the chain.
So, we picked out our perfect pumpkins along with our carving devices and got to work at my in-laws house.

Lesson #1: Let me tell you, free hand drawing is not my strong point. My anchor, as a result, is slightly uneven in nature.

Lesson #2: Those little scoops you think you need to get all the pumpkin "guts" out don't work as good as your hands.

Lesson #3: The end result of our pumpkin carving makes us look like hipsters. This is not true. 
For two of us.

Lesson #4: White pumpkins smell like cucumbers on the inside.

Lesson #5: Pumpkin carving in the evening could be categorized as a great success.


  1. Love it that I sure true though about what you said keep the great awesome stories coming. Thanks and God Bless.and have a Great Day. :)

  2. that anchor pumpkin is amazing! I'm impressed!

    1. thanks Katie! It was a fun experience...even if the anchor isn't completely even on both sides! :)


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