Thursday, October 25, 2012

30 Days :: the basics

30 Days of 'whatever I do'

You can consider this my official plan where I attempt to bear the details to my last post.
I have no idea why 30 days always seems to be the running number for major life changes. 
But, I decided that 1 month would be a great place for me to start making changes. 
It takes awhile to break bad habits and it also takes awhile for my body to almost detox itself of repetitive high blood sugar number readings.
30 days is the official time frame that I am giving myself to really share & seek what God is going to do during this time in my physical health. This is by no means a time limit on Him or my efforts but more of a: I want to record my progress and the overall difference in this period of time.

I am rereading some literature that I purchased awhile ago. 
I have been detoxing my body the last few days by attempting to be aware of what I'm putting into my mouth. 
Let me tell you, I am craving sugar like crazy. This is the hardest part in my opinion. 
It's amazing how psychologically you start craving things just because "you can't have them".
 Am I alone on this point?
Those moments are when I really have to start praying and asking God to work that self control in me. 
Not to mention, I also have to watch my attitude because "hungry" easily turns to "hangry" which is the combination of 'hungry' and it's good pal 'angry'. 
Not a good mix.
It always leads to self-pity. And that is simply not needed here. 

Anyways, so if you are wondering what the fine details of what I am trying to accomplish in 30 days looks like. 
Here are my goals (in list form, of course). 
Follow a low carbohydrate diet (as this is what spikes and raises and my blood sugar...and the complications follow that.)

Cutting out:
Sugar (I may alter this by allowing myself to indulge in something sweet every so often. I simply have not decided on a time frame yet).
Bread, Grains, Pastries,Pasta...(you get the point).
Crackers, Chips, and any other "snack" food with blood sugar raising carbohydrate.
Fruit and Fruit Juices.
Milk and some dairy products with high amounts of simple sugars.

 With this I am taking a variety of vitamins that my body has known to be deficient in. 
And I am trying to incorporate more water into my diet as I struggle with that.

I will be updating posts as I go simply to keep myself accountable and share what God is doing. Because I am choosing to have faith that He is going to do something. 
He never leaves a good work unfinished.



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  2. Wow- you're an inspiration. I have tried so many cleanses, only to give in to the allure of Carbs- really need to cut them out. I am beginning to think I have a gluten allergy or maybe dairy. I don't know- just know my body is not happy. I look forward to hearing updates and wish you much luck! :)


    1. Hi Tiffany!
      It really is difficult when you know your body isn't as healthy as it should be. I completely understand that feeling!
      It sounds like you are aware and searching for a solution and that is definitely the first step.
      I'm glad to have you here and hope that you find some encouragement from the process! :)


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