Wednesday, September 26, 2012

when you're grateful

 In the evening, somewhere in my evening, in the midst of sitting on an old brown sectional in this familiar apartment and listening to my husband snore, I had an overwhelming moment of gratitude. 
Overwhelming gratitude to my loving and faithful God who has blessed me with life
The ability to live and to experience all the unique things around me.
When you're grateful you have to tell someone. 
And so, I tell you.
I am grateful for these quiet moments at home with my husband, my closest friend, not doing much of anything.
 An autumn evening.
 And even though I might not live a life that some would covet.
 I wouldn't trade it's simplicity. It's smallness. 
For anything bigger. 
It suits me. It suits us. 
And I'm so grateful for every little part of it. 
Because it's a gift, perfectly designed for me to live, and to be grateful for. 

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