Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Blogging comeback.

Hello. It's been awhile. 
I can honestly say to you that I have needed this time. That "awhile." 
Time gives me encouragement to refocus. And that is exactly what I've been doing.
 Refocusing why I write. Refocusing this blog. Refocusing my priorities.

The first entry back almost seems like the most awkward to write. I often begin typing out this tangent of explanations as to where I was and what I was doing....and then I realize I have a novel on my hands. 
And not a novel that really has much of a point or focus. 
So, this entry is definitely made possible today by the "backspace" button.

I have concluded in my time away that I need to be writing more and thinking about all the extra stuff that goes along with blogging.....less. 
That, for me, is where the loss of focus and purpose comes. 
So, speaking of no focus, here is a plethora of photos from our trip to northern Michigan this weekend. 
Fall is definitely upon us here.
The leaves are turning.
The cool breeze is making a comeback. 
And I am celebrating my favorite season by taking way too many pictures and drinking more coffee than usual.

Can I just say, I'm glad to be back?
Because, I am.


  1. Your pictures are gorgeous...I am so jealous of your fall experience, we don't really have fall here. Hardly any leaves change color and our weather is the warmest it is all year long. I'll enjoy fall through your pics :)


    1. Thanks girl! I just try to do justice to the Michigan landscape with my pictures. You really need to come and visit in the fall! I think you would really enjoy it. :)


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