Monday, August 27, 2012

Some things I learned over the weekend....

Summer is taking it's last dance here in Michigan. While the weather was extremely warm over the weekend, our travels through the state revealed the edges of leaves already beginning to change. I will admit, this has me slightly thrilled. This state knows how to do fall.

Sometimes climbing 200+ stairs against incoming rain is worth it. Especially when you get to the top and the view goes on forever. Sometimes life is exactly like that little analogy. And that was my deep thought for the day.

I need to take more time to appreciate the outdoors. It is magnificent. I can't  help but notice that my God is really artistic. And creative. All I have to do is look at creation and get a glimpse of that.

Spending a weekend with your family is always an adventure. A good adventure.

Hope your weekend was lovely! What went on?


  1. It looked like you had fun those are pretty pics.

  2. Ok first you're adorable...second I want your sandals....and third I am SO jealous of your awesome fall season! Fall is our hottest part of the year and very few leaves change color...I've only heard amazing things about Michigan's fall. It's one of the things my husband misses the most.

  3. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous pictures!


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