Sunday, August 5, 2012

Some things I learned over the weekend...

There are treasures to be found when you go through someone else's junk. Treasures and ideas.

I love bruschetta. It is beyond delicious.

Laughing is like medicine. My brother and I had a moment while watching the Olympics. We were crying by the end of it.

Speaking of brothers: mine leaves to head back to SC tomorrow. It's always bittersweet when family is spread out across the country. It has been a memorable last two weeks. Completed with a summer 2012 mixed cd.

Garden vegetables! It's time! Let's pick 'em and eat 'em!

Brownie cookies. Heard of them? They are brownies in cookie form. And they rock.

I may have bought a faux leather bomber jacket this week. It spoke to me. It said: "fall is coming someday".

How was your weekend? Can you even believe that it is August?


  1. umm a brownie cookie?! sounds AMAZING :)
    looks like a lovely weekend.


  2. ummm I have all of my siblings in the same town and can't imagine it any other way. That would be so tough to say goodbye! Glad you had a good visit complete with some good laughs. Brownie cookies?? Yes please! You look ridiculously cute in that hat... love it.


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