Thursday, July 5, 2012

Strike adventure

It's just like a match. I know that I constantly refer to our time in SC as the pinnacle of all major learning moments in the last year.
 But, it's true.

I feel as if God really planted some seeds in our minds and hearts and here we are still reaping them. One by one. I keep recognizing and understanding areas of my life that I need to fully surrender and work on.
Things that only I can change.
Things that I am only accountable for.
I'm not an adventurous person. I'm just not. I'm perfectly content in ritual and the mundane.
Bored yet? (my jab at humor)
I suppose I am adventurous in my very own way. I'm not in the mood to apologize for that area of my make-up.
But, I am here to say that I feel inspiration and adventure (in probably it's shallowest form) welling up in me as of late.

It's time for me to start pursuing the things that God has for me. And I do believe He has something for me. And for you.
For all of us.

The question is: are we (am I) brave enough, bold enough, crazy enough, adventurous enough to go running after it?
I mean that.
I struggle with that.
But, I know my Jesus knows that.
He knows exactly where I am at. He knows exactly how analytical I am.
How I'm not one to run after things.
He knows that I am not as adventurous as some.
He knows that I sometimes lack a great deal of confidence in myself.
And I'm glad He knows exactly where I'm at.
I know He can use me in spite of all of it. 

And as He lights that fire under my feet and I begin to stumble and pick up speed. The adventure becomes intimidating. The path uncertain.
But, in the distance I can see a faint version of me. The one that I was created to be.
Doing the things I was made to do.
And so I go.


  1. It's hard to have faith and fully rely on the Lord to lead us and shape our hearts. I always feel silly for holding back or lacking faith because He is faithful every time and never fails me but I find myself in that same spot over and over. You'd think I'd learn right? I hate my stupid sinful self, He truly is the best part of me! Keep trusting, Ashton!


    1. Thanks Whitney!
      Yes! You think I would learn that God is faithful and that I need to trust Him more. He never gives up on me. :)

  2. Whitney - don't hate yourself -God loves you!

    Ashton - thank you for putting this out there. Being reminded that if we seek God's guidance we'll then see/experience his grace in our awareness. But truly, like so many people, we need to remind eachother of that!

    Thanks you!

    1. I know I definitely need that reminder a lot! ;)

  3. I will just say that God has been very faithful in each and every adventure He has ever led me on!

    1. That encourages those of us that need a little pushing when we hear of God's faithfulness to others!

  4. Such an interesting and beautifully written post, and always a great reminder to have. He truly does have a plan for us all and sometimes we need to trust that in the end, we will be right where we're meant to be. xo

    1. There is no other place I would rather be than where He leads. It always meets our individual needs! :)


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