Monday, July 2, 2012

Some things I learned over the weekend....

I am tired.

When a Panera Bread comes to your town (after you have been waiting forever) and it has a drive-thru: you go there a lot. And you update all your statuses stating that you are, indeed, at Panera Bread. And you take a bazillion instagram photos of you consuming their food.

My brother came home! For one day. He is now off to Japan for a couple weeks. And even though he shall return to Michigan, coming home for one day is such a tease. I am praying for his safe travel. 

I'm becoming a coffee snob. And I'm not proud of this. The husband is suffering as a result.

Michigan has went off the deep end. This weather has been closer to our time in SC. ( high 90s all week people! This does not happen!)

This weekend felt like the party before the party. As in, this whole week feels weird because right smack dab in the middle of it: the 4th of July. Anyone else catching those vibes?

Alright, tell me, what went on this weekend/ what is going on this week?!

we like to take awkward pictures featuring "the guys in the back eating panera"
my brother and I
that's my mommy! (and me)
Kory and Caleb. At Panera of course. duh.
my brother. work it. work it.


  1. You are beautiful! Also I'm kinda obsessed with Panera, I only wish ours had a drive-thru because that sounds incredible! xo

  2. A Panera drive-thru? I haven't heard of that before but it's genius. Lucky you! Hope it doesn't stay so hot over there for you. Have a happy fourth!


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