Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I jazzed up a tray with polka dots.

So, my DIY madness continues. I'm not sure if Pinterest is my friend at this point or not. But, as I continue to ponder our relationship status, I will admit that it has struck a creative nerve in my body. And I appreciate that. Because frankly, I need to try creative things and not be so darn afraid to mess up.

So, here is my recent endeavor inspired by a dish that I saw on Pinterest. The simplicity of this astounds me.

I bought a clean white tray at a discount store. Preferably one that is quite flat with not many curved edges.

I then proceeded to measure out a straight line on the dish. I grabbed my black paint marker and followed that line all the way down with polka dots.

I continued the process until I completed the tray. I did make a second row of polka dots that I indented from my original row.

Mind you, these dots are not perfect. And I am ok with that.


Let those polka dots dry and that's it. So simple.

My jewelry and perfume can now rest on creative ground.


  1. This is such a cute idea!! Both the tray in general AND the polka dots that jazz it up!


  2. fun! and dotty? what else could be polka-dotted? the rim of a serving plate? napkins? mirror? i love it!

  3. i am loving this idea! i am totally going to try this with a few mugs or something. thanks for the inspiration ashton! and thank you for your kind words on my blog today, you made my heart smile :)

    xo, amanda


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