Monday, June 25, 2012

Some things I learned over the weekend....

Eating a whole pack of red vines all by oneself is never a good idea. Even though it certainly seems like it.

I have a growing addiction to Pure Barre. I have seen my abs. They do exist.

My husband has been called Johnny Depp a countless number of times the last few weeks. What is happening?? I blame the mustache.

We had people in front of us at the Starbucks drive through pay for our coffee! Conclusion: people from Colorado are nice (license plate) and my hope in humanity is temporarily restored.

My brother in law can cut hair. That's right. He can cut hair and I can't. At all. Go team Kory.

I know it's only the end of June, but I love Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. So, I'm letting the world know, right now, that I plan on putting that on my reading list for the colder months to come.

Sitting outside at my parent's house, listening to the rain, officially a peaceful moment.

How was your weekend? What is going on in your corner of the woods?


  1. Wait, what's wrong with finishing an entire pack of Red Vines?! Also love the Starbucks story, people need to just be nicer to each other on a daily basis. Can't imagine something like that happening here in LA though! xo

  2. I wouldn't mind if my boyfriend was mistaken for Johnny Depp, so - BE HAPPY. he is beautiful ;)


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