Sunday, June 10, 2012

Some things I learned over the weekend.....

 My husband is really cool when he gets up early to cook me breakfast on a Saturday morning. I am a  blessed lady.

Neon nail polish is my way of trying to incorporate color into my wardrobe. To the colors of summer: I am trying hard to accept you. I really am.

The sunsets around here are looking more and more like a painting these days.

I still struggle when the temperature is above 90 degrees. And so does my hair. Team effort.

Hot chocolate is a perfectly acceptable beverage even in the middle of June. Liquid chocolate. It knows no season.

Sometimes I take pictures with my guitar. And my car. That works, right? 

Walking with the husband is very therapeutic for me. Therapy and exercise. A winning combination.

How was your weekend? What did you learn?


  1. yay for year-round hot chocolate, or any hot beverage for that matter. I still drink mine even when its 105 degrees :) looks like a cute and cozy weekend, mine was too short!

  2. I also drink hot chocolate all year round, hot chocolate is the best! Your weekend seems lovely! Hope this new week has started off well!

  3. I love the pic of you in that lovely dress, girl! I think you have just inspired me to go make some hot coca :) Hmmm...this weekend I learned that mini day trips are sometimes more fun then big all weekend excursions. Especially when it's just me and my little fam. Have a happy week!

    xo, amanda

  4. you are too funny, girl! love all of these little lessons you learned over the weekend. my hair does not cooperate in warm weather either. ugh. ha
    xo TJ


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