Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What you plant will grow

I was "up north" again yesterday at my parent's house. My mom plants a lot of flowers every year and I wanted to help her get the job accomplished. So, my mom and I started our day very early and full of coffee. That's the only way things get accomplished with me. 

I find planting flowers to be extremely therapeutic. My back finds planting flowers to be extremely painful. But, I tend to ignore the latter and focus on what I'm doing:
 Digging the hole. Placing the flower in gently. Packing the dirt around and back into the hole. Patting the dirt, thus firmly securing the flower. Dousing the flower in water. Staring at the flower....willing it to live and grow.

My process works something like that. 

 In the midst of planting, my periwinkle garden gloves donned, I realized something. A very simple something. Planting flowers is a pretty basic formula. You plant it, and with the right conditions, it grows. Your simply responsible for getting it into the soil. 

I can't help but think of the correlation between that and us as human beings (just how my mind works here people). As in, the words and things we speak into the people around us have the same potential of a new plant.
 In some form, in some way, when we speak into people's lives it grows. Given the right conditions, I'm sure some things grow faster than others. But, it caused me to wonder how many times we speak careless words? Or say something that might grow insecurity or hurt into someone? How many times have I done that?

 I think we have all been there ourselves: someones speaks words to us that are negative and we can feel the accusation take root in our hearts. It begins to grow. And sometimes it shows itself in the form of sadness or insecurity or worry or the big one: bitterness.

These are emotions that can grow so quickly and begin to cut off the encouragement that others may be planting in our lives. I want to be a person that speaks love and words of affirmation into the people around me. I want to see it grow in their lives. And I definitely do not want to be someone that allows bitterness or negativity to be planted into my life. That's a large difference between flowers and us: we have the choice to choose what can grow in us. We are in control of our response.


  1. cute, cute blog, ashton! i found you via his little lady :) i LOVE you've got mail too. ahhhhhh

    1. Thanks for stopping by girl! It's good to know another fellow "You've Got Mail" lover! ;)

  2. Everything is so beautiful! I love flowers!! I wish I was talented enough to keep them from dying /: haha


  3. Such a sweet post! I love flowers, but after spending couple weeks peeling flower bulbs I simply can't stand the sight of the bulbs so I'll leave planting them for someone else! But I'll try to plant nice words instead :)

  4. great post. I think it's easy to forget that sometimes our words and actions are so much bigger than we realize. But it's true - we reap what we sow. Oh, and found your blog via His Little Lady - glad to be a follower now!


  5. such a critical connection to make...well said and love the flora! ~deirdre


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