Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Thunderstorm Wednesday


It's officially "Thunderstorm Wednesday" here in my part of the mitten. The weather is supposedly going to embrace these storms all day long. And while I think thunderstorms can be a little dramatic with the way they just roll in and roll out (thanks for getting to know us), there are some perks to their presence.

The sky always turns an odd color when it's about to storm. And I must say that it always brings out the green in the grass and surrounding trees. Props.

Stormy days just seem like a good time to play music or write music or listen to music....pretty much you gotta' have some music.

The birds always stop chirping right before a storm. And as soon as it passes they are up to their usual routine of gracing us with their tunes. 

I have a husband and brother-in-law that like to tap into their inner "storm chaser" (thank you weather channel...) and have on multiple occasions enjoyed thunderstorms in the car. 

I will probably consume more coffee than normal today as stormy weather kinda' asks me to drink it. True story. 

How about you? What are some perks to stormy weather? Do share.




  1. what a lovely post! i, too, love rainstorms. i think it's that temporary "shut in" feeling i get, like a permission slip to get all lazy in my jammies and read a good book. bring on the thunder!

    xo, amanda

    1. Thanks Amanda! I completely agree with feeling permission to sit around and veg! :)

  2. i absolutely love that coloring right before a storm, and how everything gets so quiet.
    xo TJ

    1. It's so spooky and yet so very pretty! :)


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