Friday, May 4, 2012

Some things that are winning:

: My husband and the coffee that he brought me this morning on his way home from work. I am convinced that this is the perfect start to a Friday.

: My precious guitar. That played her heart out last night and didn't break a string or go out of tune once. Faithful little thing.

: Kitty. This cat never ceases to make me laugh. Especially when she finds the need to be my wake up call in the morning. I can always count on a paw to the face.

: Black button down shirt. I finally got to wear you because Michigan decided that 80 degree weather was indeed the best idea for the last few days.

: La Croix coconut sparkling water. So addicting. And it taste like summer in a can. Seriously.

Hope your Friday is off to a wonderful start!


  1. weird...i am drinking a coconut la croix right now! my fav summer drink, too!

    xo, amanda


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