Thursday, April 5, 2012

well, it's thursday everyone.

It has been "one of those" weeks here on the home front. The type of week that weighs a little heavier on your mind. The type of week that takes up way too much thought space in the brain region. Sometimes these types of weeks can leave me feeling drained and sorta' know what I mean?
 But, I have been reminded in the midst of these emotions and the questions that we so often ask ourselves when things go amiss that I have a God that loves me. That imparted to me certain aspects and traits and abilities and quirks that He wants me to use to bring Him glory. I believe that imparts confidence to us. It imparts confidence to me. In the sense, that it's ok if we (if I) don't fit into the boxes that people have made.         We were created for more than that.

 With that said, it's Thursday (three cheers for thursday!) and I am finding joy in looking out my bedroom and seeing blooms and blue skies. AND I am dubbing my little rain boots as my "buy of the week" as I found them on clearance for only $16 buckaroos. Snaps for flowers. Snaps for booties. Snaps for this week looking up.

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